01 January 2009

membership matters

waiting list
We are currently in a strong membership position. We have closed the membership temporarily as we don’t have any members wishing to sell their memberships and we currently have a small wait-to-buy list.

Since the wait-to-sell list has now been eliminated , the member-get-member incentive which was started some years ago no longer applies.

joining fees
Joining fees for new members were increased from 1 January 2009 as follows:
  • Adult member: $4,700 (inclusive of a $2,000 debenture, previously $4,200)
  • Intermediate member (18-24): $2,820 ( previously $2,640)
  • Junior member (under 17): $940 (previously $880)
The 20% upfront joining fee discount for adult members has also been withdrawn. These changes reflect our current strong membership position (a 'wait-to-join' list) and the relative price of joining similar snowsports clubs. Prospective members on the wait-to-join list at 31 December 2008 will be able to join at the current rates when memberships become available.

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