12 February 2017

Another summer special

The weekend of Thur 30 March to Sunday 2 April will have no minimum fee at the lodge.

The Falls Creek Longest Lunch will be held on Friday 31st March, catered by Barry Iddles (Elk and Sorrento Catering Company)

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If you can't make it for Friday lunch, it's still a great chance to get up to the high plains. Ride the mountain bike trails, fish for trout, enjoy a walk on the high plains or a stroll along the aqueduct or just relax in the mountain air.

Blue Dirt now operate Mountain Bike shuttles and bike hire every weekend until 23 April

Easter will also be a minimum fee free time at the lodge.

Minimum fee free periods aim to make it easier for members and their guests to enjoy a short stay at the lodge over the "green" season.

11 February 2017

Australia Day Weekend

Justin & Tony headed up to the lodge to help with more work on the spa renovation. They took time out to watch the dragon boat racing on a perfect summer day

21 December 2016

Oops! Error in subs invoices

Members should recently have received invoices for annual subsciptions and associated fees. You may have noticed that the dates in the Terms section refer to 2016 instead of 2017. Of course the last payment date to qualify for a $50 Accommodation Voucher is 15 January 2017 and you can use it any time during 2017. The due date and dates for late fees are also in 2017.

The items on the invoice and amounts payable are not affected.

If you require an ammended invoice, please contact Jennifer Noye at ProAcct:
   03 9880 9699

19 October 2016

2017 Resort Entry Season Pass deal closes 16 December

Resort Management has announced that there will be no Early Bird resort entry season pass in 2017. Instead they are offering a 2017 pass at the same price as 2016 if you pay your deposit by 16 December. That's $99 in December and $196 by 31 March.

They are saying that there will be no other discounted resort entry season passes (except for over 65s). There are no hints about what the 2017 price will be.

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13 October 2016

Hero Pass deadline extended to Monday

Apparently they had some technical problems with the online store so the lift company has extended the deadline for Hero Passes to Monday 17 October. (I haven't seen a time, but probably safe to assume 5pm as it was for the original deadline).

Only $99 now and $650 in April ($49 + $380 for kids and seniors).