11 July 2009

e-mail elation

The e-mail sent to the AAC Falls Creek list in July had a zero failure rate for the first time, with no invalid e-mail addresses.

On-line in ‘09
E-mail and this weblog are replacing the three newsletters previously sent to AAC Falls Creek members each year. Members who aren't registered to receive e-mail may only receive the AGM reports and subscription invoices. If you don't have an e-mail address, you can nominate anyone to receive the e-mail to pass it on to you.

Updating your contact details
If you are already receiving e-mail from the Australian Alpine Club (AAC) and you wish to update your details, you can do so by clicking on 'UPDATE MY DETAILS' in the e-mail footer.

Why your mobile telephone number is important
If an e-mail sent to you ‘bounces’ because your e-mail address is no longer valid, the system will automatically send an SMS text message to your mobile telephone reminding you to register a new e-mail address (your invalid e-mail address will also be manually deleted). On very rare occasions we might also use the system to send you an SMS text message alerting you to special offers.

Just once, please
Please note that in order to avoid multiple messaging, e-mail addresses and mobile telephone numbers have to be unique and can only be entered once.

Who can register
Anyone who wants to receive AAC e-mail, including members, prospective members and anybody else interested in receiving information about the AAC and any or all of its member lodge projects can self-register their details. They are able to register e-mail, mobile telephone number and other contact details for the e-mail system directly through the link on the www.australianalpineclub.com home page.

If you know of people who you think should be receiving these e-mails that aren't, please encourage them to register their details. Please remember that it is an open communication mechanism, not the membership database, so if your postal address or other details change you will need to advise the club directly.

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