26 August 2009

cross country season pass refunds

The current Alpine Resorts (Management) Regulations include a price cap on cross country fees. Since season 2006, Falls Creek Resort Management (FCRM) has been imposing fees in excess of the regulated price cap, based on a cost recovery principle.

Following a review of the interpretation and application of the relevant legislation, it has been determined that the imposition of fees in excess of the price cap was inappropriate.

Based on this determination, a refund will be provided to cross country skiers who held a season pass and were charged above the regulated price cap. Refunds are likely to be issued in early September.

It has also been decided that as a gesture of good will to day pass holders, a free ski day will be provided during season 2010. This free ski day will be able to be redeemed on any day during the ski season except on competition days. Details will be publicised on the FCRM and the Department of Sustainability & Environment (DSE) websites in 2010.

DSE will administer the receipt of applications and the issuing of passes for the free ski day.

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