04 October 2009

end of winter

The lifts stopped turning at Falls Creek this afternoon and the official 2009 winter season has ended. In summary, the season had a great start, a fairly average middle period in August and finished with major snowfalls in the final week of the season, demonstrating once again that winter isn’t over at the end of August. A pleasing aspect of the 2009 winter season was the lift company providing some flexibility in their ticket pricing according to the snow conditions, with significant discounts offered at both the start and end of the season.

Bookings have been at record levels this season, despite what were sometimes ‘character building’ weather conditions. Details of our bookings during the season should be posted on this weblog soon. Thanks to lodge managers Greg and Jenny for all their hard work and wonderful hospitality during the season.

Falls Creek resort also shifts into its summer mode, with a series of events scheduled over the next few months. While we are members of a snowsports club because we participate in snowsports, some of us also like to use the lodge during the summer, often bringing a group of friends and family. Details of the summer bookings to date.

Membership of AAC Falls Creek is currently ‘full,’ with a small waiting list. It is likely that a limited number of new members will be admitted in 2010 (both as full members and as intermediate or junior members).

lodge development plans
The AAC Falls Creek committee has also been considering lodge development plans associated with lease renewal and bushfire protection requirements. It is also in response to the views expressed in the membership survey conducted at the end of last season. In the spirit of ‘continuous improvement’ this will include a renovation of the dining area of the lodge and changes to the balcony. A detailed proposal, including cost and timing will be presented at the Annual General Meeting in May 2010. See some of the lodge development plans. Members are also encouraged to contribute ideas and suggestions to the committee.

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