17 November 2009

fox baiting around Falls Creek

Parks Victoria are continuing their programme of fox baiting to protect native fauna, including the mountain pygmy possum. Baits will be laid in the Alpine National Park and some parts of the Alpine Resort area. Of course, dogs are not allowed in the National Park, but anyone with dogs in the area needs to be aware of the risks. Parks Victoria have provided the following information.
  • Baiting will continue through to the 30th June 2010. 
  • Foxes may sometimes carry  baits to a different location and cache them (store them). These baits are still poisonous.
  • 1080 may remain active in poisoned animals and/or baits for several weeks dependent on prevailing environmental conditions.
  • Your animals may be poisoned if they eat baits or carcasses of poisoned animals. It is unusual for domestic pets to ravage fox carcasses.
  • Steps (eg. muzzling, restraint) need to be taken to ensure that domestic dogs do not gain access to 1080 pest animal baits or poisoned animals.
  • Closely monitor the health and behaviour of your domestic pets. If you notice any unusual or uncharacteristic behaviour contact your local veterinarian immediately. Do not disturb sand mounds or bait stations.
  • A map of bait stations is also available
For more information on fox baiting at Falls Creek, contact Iris Curran from Parks Victoria, Mt Beauty on 03 5754 4693 or Ben Derrick from Resort Management on 03 5758 1235 or benderrick(at)fallscreek.com.au

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