26 February 2010

March Long Weekend - No private cars in village

The village will be very busy with the 3 Peaks cycle race.

Resort Management have decided to restrict car parking in the village from Friday 5th to Sunday 7th. Only Authorised Vehicle Permit holders will be allowed to park within the Village. Vehicles without an authorized permit will be issued with an Infringement Notice. (Permits will only be granted to the nominated vehicles of business owners and permanent residents.)

From www.fallscreek.com.au
  • All visitors that arrive will be greeted at Falls Creek Road intersection
  • Drivers will be given a temporary pass which allows them 30 minutes of access time into the village to deliver passengers and luggage.
  • All drivers must then return to Falls Creek Road Intersection where they will be greeted by a transporter and directed to an allocated car park.
  • Transporters will then chauffer drivers back to their accommodation in the village if desired.
CAR COLLECTION - For the collection of vehicles upon leaving the mountain
  • Drivers will be chauffeured to the car park from a bus stop and drivers will again be able to drive their vehicles to their accommodation to pick up luggage and passengers
  • Where possible drivers are encouraged to walk to their vehicles for collection.
  • Please note, this service will only be available until Monday 8th March until 4pm.
  • A free village shuttle will operate throughout the village during the weekend to shuttle pedestrians that are mobility impaired or unable to walk. This shuttle will operate on a set route at a very slow speed and visitors are encouraged to wait at designated bus stops.

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