21 April 2010

Summer Associate Membership of Falls Creek Huette

As our organisation’s philosophy is 'affordable accommodation for families' to enjoy winter sports and the Australian Alps the Committee is always looking to expand Lodge utilisation.

To increase utilisation of the Lodge over summer, the Club has introduced a ‘Summer Associate Membership’ which will allow more winter guests and non-members to experience the Lodge.

A Summer Associate only has booking rights at AAC Falls Creek during the summer months and has no voting rights or reciprocal rights with any other AAC Lodge.

As we are a part of the Falls Creek and Alpine community, there are a number of other groups who have expressed a desire to support the Falls Creek community and we should support them. An example is a conservation group, who have plans to use volunteer labour to remove weeds from the Alpine National Park. The Committee have agreed that supporting groups like this and other sporting groups to enjoy the National Park over summer, can best be managed by the 'Summer Associate Membership' of Falls Creek Huette.

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