29 May 2010

Capital Raising for Lodge Renovation

At the recent AAC Falls Creek AGM, there was a Motion regarding Capital raising. The issue is related to the forthcoming Lease renewal and required works to improve the outside of the lodge to current standards. The majority of members who attended arrived early for the special presentation on the reasons and background of how the committee arrived at the need to raise capital.

The committee had taken email and phone queries prior to the meeting as well as responding to active discussions at the meeting. 53 members voted in person and by proxy and the motion to raise the funds was approved.

Subsequently a second motion to form a subcommittee to advise the committee on the detailed plans and implementation of the building works was moved and passed. A number of volunteers have already advised that they are able to assist on this subcommittee and any interested member is welcome to put forward their services. (please send an email to aacfallscreek@gmail.com if you wish to assist).

A subset of the presentation material will be available on the public web site for those who couldn't attend the AGM.

This forms a key milestone for the club as we prepare to extend the life of the lodge by 30-40 years and ensure that the lease and lodge are available for the next generation of skiers.

thanks for your support
Noel Poon
Chairman Australian Alpine Club Falls Creek

The presentation material can be downloaded by right-clicking here

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