11 June 2010

Parking and Village Transport

The village roads be closed to ordinary traffic from 12 noon today. After that, vehicles will only be allowed into the village for drop-off and pickup or if they have an authorised vehicle pass.

Slalom St will be closed at Wombats Ramble. From the lower end of Slalom St, you can only drive to Les Chalet / High Plains / Snowgum Lane. For all other parts of the village, vehicle access is via Falls Creek Road.

While the village roads are clear, guests can drive into the village to drop off and pick-up luggage, according this procedure:
Guests arriving or departing the village will be granted a 30 minute pass into the village to unload/load their passengers and luggage. The process for guest arrival and departure will be:
  • Arriving guests will be met by an FCRM staff member at the Falls Creek Road intersection and will receive a 30 minute pass into the village to unload their passengers and luggage.
  • When unloaded the guest will drive back to BHP Road and wait for the FCRM car parking shuttle outside the Oversnow Terminal, which will escort them to a car park.
  • The guest will then be transported back to their accommodation in the FCRM shuttle.
  • When departing the guest should make their way to BHP Road and wait for a car parking shuttle outside the Oversnow Terminal.
  • The car parking shuttle will then transport the guest to their car.
  • The guest will then be granted a 30 minute pass into the village to collect their passengers and luggage.
Parking restrictions apply to all vehicles in the village throughout the season and will enforced. Please do not park in No Standing zones, including in front of fire hydrants or in emergency vehicles zones (defined by unbroken yellow lines down one side of the road). It is essential for emergency response that emergency management vehicles have uninhibited access throughout the village and access to fire fighting infrastructure.

The car parking service will operate from today. However, there will not be an intra-village shuttle for the Opening Weekend. Guests or residents with special transport requirements can contact FCRM to arrange transport throughout the village.

The Bogong High Plains Road past Falls Creek is now closed until after the snow season. There is no access to Omeo across the Bogong High Plains.

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