17 July 2010

Village Shuttles

FCRM are reminding us that the shuttle service can not be relied on to get everyone around the village.
The intra-village shuttle service is primarily provided for the elderly, immobile, young children and novice skiers and boarders. As we have limited capacity to provide the intra-village shuttle service we strongly encourage ... guests ...to ski to and from their accommodation.

When night skiing is on, there is an extended intra-village shuttle service until ~20 minutes after the lift closes. Once again FCRM are advising that it can't be relied on for general getting around the village:
There are, of course, a limited number of shuttles we can provide during the evening service and this has meant that during the busiest periods the demand is greater than the supply. While we are more than happy to continue to provide the service to whomever is seeking the transport, in future when there is a build up of guests waiting for transport at shuttle stops we will request that priority be given to:
- Skiers and boarders returning from night skiing,
- The elderly and immobile, and
- Very young children.

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