23 January 2011

Lodge development charge - clarification

The Lodge development charge is an adjunct charge to the subscription. It is separated out of the overall fee as we wish to identify some funds for yearly maintenance on the Lodge.
The fee is charged to full members and thus with about 200 or so of these members it raises about $9000.
We spend all of that and usually more on local and minor works at the Lodge each year. In recent times we have spent $30,000 in one year on minor works. Thus the levy does not necessarily cover all of the maintenance issues, but that is the $ level we have struck and it has been at this rate for several years.

Other categories of membership are not levied this charge, only full (senior, not junior) members are charged.

On the other hand, the capital raising is a capital injection and is being applied to all categories of membership.  All members regardless of their situation are paying their share of the capital to make a significant redevelopment of the Lodge for the future.

If members would like to find out more about this element of the annual subscription or the capital raising, please call Club Treasurer, David Stogdale on (03) 9603 0086.

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