20 June 2011

big changes to village transport this season

Falls Creek Resort Management will now be running the service previously provided by "Oversnow".

They have purchased a fleet of 6 Prinoth Husky vehicles, 5 of which carry passengers and one for luggage and freight only. These tracked vehicles will be used to provide transfer of guests and their luggage to/from lodges as well as provide the village shuttle service. As well as improved comfort, these vehicles will inflict less wear and tear on the snow on the village roads. 2 of the vehicles will also be able to groom village roads. Other vehicles may be used at peak demand times too.

The new vehicles will go into service in the next week or so. In the meantime, village roads are being kept clear where possible. An interim over snow service will be provided if required.

Other changes
  • Price has decreased
  • You can buy your accommodation transfer tickets when you buy your resort entry, at the gate or in sub-alpine outlets.
  • You can "split the ride" and send one person with all the luggage.
  • Luggage rate is $2.50 per item. (Normal fare includes 2 pieces of luggage, one pair skis/board with boots and one hand luggage)
  • You can purchase large Transit Bags ($2 each) to put smaller bags into so that luggage charge is minimised.

Full details at http://www.fallscreek.com.au/AccommodationTransfer

There is also a survey on village transport. Tell FCRM what you think.

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