05 August 2011

savings - through Falls Creek Alpine Association

The Falls Creek Alpine Association represents ski clubs, apartment owners and other stakeholders in Falls Creek. AAC Falls Creek is a member.

They have negotiated discounts/deals at a number of businesses including:
Wining and Dining
  • Falls Creek Hotel
  • Mo"s Restautant (Feathertop Lodge)
  • Plunket Fowles winery (Avenel, on the Hume))
  • Sam Miranda Wines (Oxley)

  • Koki
  • Central Snowsports (Winterhaven and Cedarwood)
  • RPS The Board Store (Elwood)
  • EMC at Snowski (Deepdene)
 Ask our managers Andrew & Myra for more information on the specific deals and how to get them.

More info on FCAA

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