10 January 2012

full steam ahead on lodge redevelopment

Work is well under way on the lodge redevelopment.
  • Scaffolding is complete and very complex due to our "interesting" building shape and steep site. Took 7 days to erect! 

  • Some cladding is complete on the southern and western walls - looks great. 

  • The roof will be replaced last as the builders are using it for access.
  • The latest design of the balcony floor is very good and should eliminate previous problems with leaking to the entry stairs below.
  • The original bedrooms had no wall insulation at all so we are going to see a great improvement with the super thick insulation bats that are going in as part of this project.
  • The new windows have already been installed in most of the bedrooms. The frames are metal on the outside, wood on the inside. The double glazing will meet new bushfire regulations and improve insulation.
  • The bench cushions in the lounge will be replaced with new leather cushions. A slight change in the cushion design should allow the base cushions to be a little wider/deeper and more comfortable.
  • We are taking the opportunity to run new cables for Internet and TV while the cladding is off.

Overall the building works are going great. The project is on budget and on schedule to be ready ahead of the snow season. Members should be very happy with the results.

Thanks to the building sub-committee, especially Nigel Cowie, for their on-going commitment to this project.

more pics

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Anonymous said...

Sounds fantastic. Love the idea of the wider lounge seats, and double glazing - yippee!