24 April 2012

looking fantastic

The lodge redevelopment is all but complete. There a few small finishing touches are being done this week, but the project is finishing on time and under budget.

It is looking fantastic, and best of all, this redevelopment secures us a 50 year lease.
  • The outside has been completely re-clad with Colorbond and highlights of ironbark and stone.
  • The roof has been replaced.
  • All windows have been replaced with tough double-glazing and insulation has been placed in the walls, improvements which should significantly reduce our gas usage for heating.
  • The entrance has been remodelled
  • The dining room has been extended, re-carpeted and new leather cushions fitted on the banquettes. The new cushion design means more effective seating space and much more comfort.

  • The public bathroom near room 15 has been divided into separate rooms for toilet and shower.

  • Room 15 has been extended.
  • Repairs and improvements have been made such as leaks around the main balcony and a better snow-shedder on the chimney.
  • There were many items to comply with bushfire regulations, current building code and other Resort Management requirements.
more pics

A number of people have put in huge contributions to make this a success:
  • Noel Poon and David Stogdale in particular have organised the raising of finances that have allowed the project to go ahead. They have also dealt with numerous bureaucratic headaches along the way.
  • The Building Committee (John Cameron, Paul Cregan, Michael McKenna, Richard Pocknee, Andrew Rist and Mark Rosenberg) were invaluable in refining the scope of work. Richard Pocknee in particular has put in a huge effort to scrutinise the details of this major building project.
  • But most of all, a huge thank you must go to Nigel Cowie who has overseen the building project, with all the effort and responsibility that that has entailed.


Mark Taplin said...

Looks great, and hoping to get over to see it this year...but are the boobs still in the reading room?

aacfallscreek said...

I thought they had heritage listing :)
The classic wallpaper has been preserved