10 May 2012

working bee 2012

There were still a few patches of early snow in the village, but Falls Creek turned on some blue sky for the working bee. We worked, hard, had a great time and the lodge is all ready for a great snow season.

Some of the jobs were concerned with putting things back after the redevelopment. Others were routine maintenance.
  • Saturday morning saw the human chain manhandling firewood from the top road to the firewood store, with lots of care not to damage the new cladding.

  • Our lease conditions include looking after the vegetation on the site. Saturday afternoon saw much spreading of rocks, mulch and straw to start the process.

  • Going through all the kitchen equipment, crockery & cutlery and cleaning everything in sight is a massive job too

  • The new barbecue was assembled ( & christened), looking towards the summit now. There's a nice bar table next to it to assist the cooks.
  • The satellite dish is up and the TVs are connected
  • New wireless access points were installed to extend coverage to all the bedrooms and the games room
  • The new hifi has been installed and speakers set up again
  • Weather station and the games room monitor have been reinstalled
  • All the chairs and most of the tables have been varnished 
  • The spa has been serviced, repaired and restocked
  • New treads on the stairs between front door and boot room
  • Kitchen bin runners etc have been repaired so they slide more smoothly
  • and lots of little maintenance jobs
more pics

Thanks to Andrew & Myra for making sure our energy levels stayed high, and  everyone else who attended for their hard work and good humour

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