27 April 2013

Accommodation Transfer Service (aka Oversnow)

FCRM will be running this service again this year and have announced proposed pricing

They are promising improvements in
  • An improved communications system to the ATS Terminal; 
  • Improvements to the luggage baskets; and 
  • Access to supplementary vehicles (I presume this means extra vehicles at busy time)
They also emphasise that Sunday mornings are a very busy time for departing guests. If you want to get oversnow transport on a Sunday morning it is important to book early in the week. Personally I find it easiest to book the return journey when I buy my tickets on arrival.

Type 2012 ($) Proposed
2013 ($)
Adult one-way 19.0 20
Child one-way 12.5 13
Child one-way U5 NA NA
Adult return 33 35
Child return 21.5 23
Child return U5 NA NA
Adult season 155 162
Child season 100 105
Taxi (Husky flat rate) 65 68
Taxi (Argo, per person) 10 10
Excess baggage (per item) 3 3

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