27 May 2013

Working Bee 2013

Once again Falls Creek turned on some lovely sunny weather for the working bee. The weekend was very productive and a lot of fun. It was also great to see some new and prospective members join in. The working bee is a great opportunity to get to know people better in the club.
  • The entry area is now lighter, brighter and full of shelves to store gear on changeover days
  • The lockers that were in the entry area have been re-located. See Where's my locker? for further details.

  • The railings on the east side of the building were painted

  • The ladders for top bunks are all wearing beautifully crafted wooden caps to protect delicate feet

  • The waxing bench has a lovely new top
  • The human chain was put to work moving  a huge load of wood from the top road into the wood store
  • The wood cupboard has been repaired
  • Kitchen cupboards and contents have been cleaned and sorted
  • The store rooms are full of supplies for the winter
  • Mattresses have all been turned
  • Many minor maintenance and cleaning job
Thanks to everyone for all the hard work, and to Andrew & Myra for great food all weekend
Zac exhausted after a hard day's work

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