30 August 2013

Ski Locker Reminder

Some years ago, large lockable cages were installed in the ski room for storage of skis & boards during the season. These have proved very popular - too much so in fact. The cages are very full and it can be difficult and even dangerous for people to get their gear in and out.

The situation is made much worse when other gear is stored in the cages too. It takes more room and makes the bags very difficult to move when trying to remove other bags.

So that everyone can continue to safely enjoy using these lockers, please follow these guidelines
  • skis, poles and boards only 
  • boards or skis must be in a bag with the owner's name clearly visible
  • no clothing, boots or other things in the bag
  • bags should be removed at the end of the season
The committee are considering other solutions for next season but alternatives could involve more expense and/or less flexibility.

In the meantime, the manager may remove offending bags from the secure storage to protect safe access by other members.

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