01 October 2013

Ski lockers are not forever

The committee has been pondering the problem of over-full ski lockers. They are so full that it can be almost impossible, and sometimes dangerous, to get bags in and out. Secure ski and board storage is a great facility that many members value. At this stage it is free and unrestricted. It would be good if we could keep it this way.

One of the causes (written about here recently) is that some members have been packing clothes, boots and other gear into their ski/board bags. We have reminded you that this is not appropriate and that offending bags will be removed.

Another cause of the very full lockers is leaving old gear there. The intention was always that lockers were for storage during the season, not between seasons. The policy is that bags are to be removed by the end of the season. That time has come and the lockers are still pretty full. Doubtless some of the gear has been there for some years. The worst scenario is when new equipment is added but old gear is not removed.

Whether we decide to give the current system another try from a fresh start, or install another solution, the cages need to be empty.

Accordingly the committee requires that all bags be removed from the lockers before the end of September 2014. If you have old gear, please remove it as early as possible. Your current gear needs to be gone before the end of the season.


Marjalyn Henson said...

I agree that members should not store clothes etc in ski lockers. I have only now become aware that skis were to be removed. I left on 28 Sept and all three lockers were very full. I will return when I can to collect my ski bag. However if members don't store clothes is there a reason why their skis cannot stay? Marjalyn

Marjalyn said...

Sorry I did not read it properly. I did not see 2014!!