30 August 2014

Village Roads and Access

FCRM have advised that the roads will be cleared in the next few days and the roads will open to normal vehicles, probably on Tue 2nd or Wed 3rd Sept.

This means that you enter the village for 30 minutes to drop off or pick up.
When you park, the carpark shuttle will return you to ATS (oversnow). The village shuttle will detour via ATS to pick people up, but only between 8am-5:30pm, or maybe longer depending on demand. You could also use Gully chair to get back to the bowl.

The advice also says
"ATS operating hours remain unaffected: Sat-Thurs 8am to 10pm and Fri 8am to 12 midnight (or as demand requires). Outside of these hours there will be no village access for guest vehicles."
In other words, no guarantee of timely service to take you to the lodge after 5:30pm and you may not be able to drive into the village at all after midnight Friday, or 10pm other nights.

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