03 April 2015

Falls Creek Masterplan

It's easy to be a bit cynical about these sorts of documents but they serve a purpose.

The Victorian government required all the alpine resorts to prepare new masterplans last year. The masterplan is "an overarching strategic plan outlining the how the village and land in the Resort will be used in the future."

It provides a vision of how the resort would like to evolve. It is not an action plan to actually do all these things.

In a practical sense, it provides a framework for obtaining finance and approvals for various initiatives. Projects that are not identified in the masterplan, or at least consistent with the masterplan, are not as likely to succeed.

You can download a summary of the masterplan or go to masterplan.fallscreek.com.au for the full document, a presentation and other information.

Just remember that very little on the masterplan is actually "planned", let alone funded or scheduled.

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