19 December 2015

Summer Special Offer

At the AGM, there was discussion about visiting the lodge in summer. For some members, the $300 minimum fee is a deterrent. Ideas were floated about helping members to get together for summer visits so that the minimum fee was not a burden.

The reason for the minimum fee is twofold:

  • even with only one person in the lodge, there is a significant cost for hot water, lighting and sometimes heating
  • a summer manager often needs to be engaged to open and close the lodge (eg turn on hot water; check that dust etc has not built up too much since it was last occupied; replenish coffee, toilet paper etc; check that guests have cleaned up properly; turn off services and lock up)

The committee has decided on a trial of a small number of times in 2016 where no minimum fee will apply. We hope that this will make it easier for members to visit in summer.

The no minimum fee times will be:

  • Thur Jan 7 to  Tue Jan 12: Inaugural AAC Falls cycling weekend
  • Fri 12 Feb to Sun 14 Feb: one of the weekends when mountain bike shuttles will operate
  • Thur 24 Mar to Tue 28 Mar: Easter

As well as avoiding the minimum fee, we hope that there will be more of a sociable buzz in the lodge at these times.

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