03 July 2016

Working Bee

The working bee was held on the weekend of 30th April. As usual there was much to be done, enthusiastic helpers and great company.
The big job of moving wood into the store under the lodge was made a bit easier this year. Some work to stabilise the steep slope above the lodge has made it less precarious for those handing wood down the slope. A builder's chute for some of the distance meant that we didn't need quite as many people. It's still a huge job in trying conditions. Think good thoughts about those intrepid members every time you put another log on the fire. Some of the other projects:
  • Remodelling room 2 and preparing room 12 for renovation - more about these
  • The dining tables have all been stripped back before revarnishing and they look great
  • New splitable double beds in room 13 and14
  • More manageable matting in the ski room
  • Picture rails in corridors to make repainting easier in future
  • New TV in the TV room
  • Comfy chair for Room 14
  • And lots of cleaning, gardening and maintenance tasks

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