08 October 2016

Spa renovation begins

The spa area has been crying out for some love (and money). As the debt for the lodge renovation dwindles, the committee has decided that we can now afford to give the spa area a light and bright makeover.
  • The dark (and slippery) slate will be replaced with lighter tiles with a high non-slip rating.
  • The spa will be re-tiled in light blue tiles.
  • New cedar paneling will be installed, with some feature sections with rock effects.
  • The old shower area will become a new toilet stall.
  • The old toilet stall will become an open shower.
A hardy crew braved the landslides and floods on the weekend after season close to begin the project by stripping out the old materials.

Andrew & Tony R cleaning out the slate rubble

Justin C admiring the mess he's made

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