12 February 2017

Another summer special

The weekend of Thur 30 March to Sunday 2 April will have no minimum fee at the lodge.

The Falls Creek Longest Lunch will be held on Friday 31st March, catered by Barry Iddles (Elk and Sorrento Catering Company)

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If you can't make it for Friday lunch, it's still a great chance to get up to the high plains. Ride the mountain bike trails, fish for trout, enjoy a walk on the high plains or a stroll along the aqueduct or just relax in the mountain air.

Blue Dirt now operate Mountain Bike shuttles and bike hire every weekend until 23 April

Easter will also be a minimum fee free time at the lodge.

Minimum fee free periods aim to make it easier for members and their guests to enjoy a short stay at the lodge over the "green" season.

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