18 October 2017

Summer specials

Once again the committee has designated some summer periods as free of the minimum fee ($300).

We understand that for many members, the $300 minimum fee in summer is a deterrent. While we can't get rid of it all together (getting the lodge up and running does cost a bit), we are again exempting selected weekends/holiday periods from the minimum fee.

For this summer, you can stay without fear of minimum fee on

  • Ignition Mountain Bike weekend - Fri 17- Sun19 November
  • Christmas/New Year: Sat 23 Dec - Sat 6 Jan
  • Australia Day weekend (Dragon Boats): Thur 25 - Sun 29 Jan
  • Longest Lunch: Thur 15 - Sun 18 Mar
  • Easter: Thur 29 March - Tue 3 Apr
Come up and enjoy the lodge in summer. At $30 per night for members it's a very affordable getaway.

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