26 June 2018

What else is new around Falls Creek in 2018

Trial of evening shuttles

There will be a trial of evening shuttles, from 6pm to 9pm from 2nd - 14th July. It will  use the same stops as the daytime village shuttles. This is intended to help people, especially families, get to restaurants around the village. Depending on how this goes, stage 2 of the trial will be another 2 weeks in early August. It would be great to see this as a regular feature, so please consider using it during the trial if it fits in with your plans.


The lift company eateries are under new management, the people that run Husky and Astra. Frying Pan Inn and Cloud Nine have been refurbished, with plans for bigger redevelopment after the season. (Had a very nice lunch at Fryers.) Dicky Knees and Maggie's Snacks have been sublet to the Snonuts people. Maggie's has been renamed Blue Brumby and will add Asian fusion dishes to its offerings. Dicky Knees will add Mexican food and drinks.

Snonuts also have a stall at ATS (aka Oversnow)

Gateway Cafe has been taken over by the Easy Eats people who have the stall in the bowl. Menu is burgers, souvlakis, focaccias etc. They also have a stall above Slalom Plaza

Lilli Pilli is a new tea room (and spa) at Pretty Valley

Ski School Changes

Junior Workshop and teenage Ride Tribe are now only available as a full day program. Snowclub is still available as full day or half-day.

On the website there is no price for Junior Workshop or Ride Tribe that does not include a lift ticket. Maybe this just an omission, or....

Beginner transport from Eagle to Cloud 9

As mentioned in the Eagle article, there will be a 9 passenger snowmobile/trailer combination to shuttle beginners between Eagle and Cloud 9. Not sure when it will start

Lift Co Stores/Hires

The lift company shops have been re-branded and in some cases relocated
  • Board Lounge is now in the Snowlands building (under Last Hoot)
  • Apres Vous has been renamed ālp and movedto the front of QT where Board Lounge was
  • Home Base is the main shop at QT
  • Base 1 is the village bowl shop
  • Base 2 is the shop at Silver Ski
  • Peak is the shop at Cloud 9 (in a different location)
  • Snowzone is ski valet and school group hire, now where Apres Vous was

New boot fitter

A new business will operate out of the old Gebi's building. Too soon to know much about it.


Scott Sanderson is the new head of ski school. Lackie Keavers is the new media manager for the lift co

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