26 June 2009

current conditions

update from Falls Creek Ski Lifts

Despite cold temperatures, it is not getting cold enough for substantial snow making to occur, the next 48 hours does hold some opportunity though, we will see what happens. The art of making snow requires low humidity and cold temperatures and at the moment we have high humidity and overnight temperatures hovering around -1. Every night we have the system charged waiting for a window of opportunity. Although the natural snow fall is sporadic, every centimetre helps.

Where we are right now, assuming no major snowfall, or no major rainfall/hot weather: -

Cloud 9 beginners areas will be OK into mid next week, when we will reassess.

Towers - Main Street will be fine through to late next week, Highway 83 will be OK, into next week, particularly with a few extra centimetres each day.

Drovers - Will be ok until mid next week, when we will reassess.

Wombats - currently closed, due to limited cover on north facing areas particularly below the aqueduct. I have advised our slope maintenance team that if an extended snow making opportunity occurs during the day, if practical, we will try to add some extra snow guns and run them until a reasonable time.

Ski patrol assess the runs regularly during the day.

Eagle chair - conditions remain the same for utilising Eagle Chair, it is too difficult an unload, until we get a lot more snow the RMB is providing extra shuttles to keep Guests moving to the Falls Express area.

Ski Valet - we will continue to run the nightly ski valet service from junior workshop until Wombats and Broadway re-open. The media department are working to ensure we provide an accurate picture of the conditions.

This is as accurate a picture, as I can provide, for people to make decisions, I have walked all the areas this morning, and spoken to the relevant department managers. By way of this email, could I encourage stakeholders who have not been to Cloud 9 to go up and have a look around, so that they can advise potential guests first hand.

In summary, it's early in the season, please be assured we're carefully managing every inch of snow we have and have the snow making system is staffed and charged.

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