14 June 2009

sunday in the sun @ falls creek

Snowfalls on Saturday, followed by blue skies on Sunday. Six lifts operating at very reduced prices have contributed to a great start to the season. Empty slopes and plenty of space available at the lodge. Some members even did a day trip from Melbourne.

There is still plenty of space in the lodge until the end of June. It provides a great opportunity to introduce future skiers and boarders to snowsports.


Anonymous said...

That hat sure is Ugly. Who's under the mop anyway.
Geez, I guess it was worth the trip if you got a happy snap.

Blind Freddy :->

Gordon Freeman said...

Blind Freddy,

You might also look good on the slopes by wearing a helmet cover like that one: http://www.pisteheadz.com/product_info.php?products_id=74