14 August 2010

sled dog race - village road closures

There will be a sled dog race in the village on Tuesday night 17th August. It should be a great spectacle, but it will impact on village access and parking.

Half of the Slalom North carpark will be roped off from Sunday night.

On Tuesday night the course must be free of all traffic including pedestrians, from approx 7pm to 8pm. If you are planning to go out on Tuesday night, be aware that some roads will be cordoned off.

The race course will be:
1. From bottom of Falls Express, up Wombats Ramble and right onto Pretty Valley Road,
2. Across Pretty Valley Road to the top of Ory's Trail,
3. Down Ory's trail (past the Brown Tank) and entering the village at Frueauf,
4. Down Schuss Street taking a right onto Slalom Street in front of Julian's,
5. Down Slalom Street and back into Slalom Plaza.

When there are no race teams approaching Marshalls will permit traffic through the cordoned off intersections. However, the Marshalls will remove all traffic from the race course when race teams are approaching.

FCRM also warn that the dogs are not the patting kind.

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