11 June 2012

membership drive

The capital raising  for the redevelopment project has prompted some of our less active members to reconsider their membership. A number of members have decided to sell their debentures. While we are sad to see members leave, a steady injection of new active members is good for the club.

The committee is considering ways to attract new members. A few initiatives are already in place:
  • colour advertising all season in This Week in Falls Creek
  • colour brochures have been produced and are being placed at the lodge and other appropriate outlets in Falls Creek
  • an open house session was held at the lodge on Sunday 10th June
  • an article on the club was published in the opening weekend edition of This Week in Falls Creek(p19)
  • the website is being modified to be more relevant to prospective members
  • bonus for members who introduce new members (If someone you introduce becomes a member by December 2012, you will receive a voucher for the equivalent of one week's accommodation at Adult Member high season rate. )

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