06 March 2013

Booking status available soon

Bookings for winter 2013 are open and the initial applications are being processed. The booking status will be published very shortly, hopefully about 19th March. You will be able to see it on the Booking Status tab on this page or click here. We aim to update this regularly until opening weekend and then weekly during the season.


Anonymous said...

It is 3 months to the opening of the season and we have no idea when beds are available.
What a pity that this is so.

Communications AAC Falls Creek said...

An explanation for the timing of posting the booking status:

Member bookings open on 1 February. Bookings for AAC members of other lodges open on 1 March, followed by families of members oh 8 March. Bookings for other guests do not open until 15 March. The booking status will be published as soon as possible after the guest bookings are processed. To publish a booking status before then would be misleading.