19 March 2013

New Bus Service

Pyles buses, now known as Falls Creek Coach Service have run services to falls Creek since Noah was a lad. North East Coach Lines company, under the name HothamBus, are offering a competing service year, to Falls as well as Hotham. I know nothing about them, but you can find out more at their website .On their facebook page they have a special offer on unlimited travel for the season. I think you have to be logged on to facebook to access it. Check the fine print.

Unlimited travel pass from Melbourne in 2013 with HothamBus or Falls Bus for $399pp.

Expires 31 March 2013 · Available online
Resort entry fee's of $16 per person for Hotham Alpine Resort & $13 for Falls Creek are payable on departure in Melbourne each trip. Only 8 seats per departure are available at this fare type. Upgrades available if sold out. Payment due by credit card after 1st April and before the 30th April 2013, with online voucher needed to be claimed by 31st March 2013. Pass is non refundable after first use.

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