30 September 2013

New Mountain Bike Trails

For a few years Falls Creek has been planning a network of mountain bike trails, both downhill and cross country. Last summer saw construction work on Stage 2 of the project. This summer those trails will open and hopefully Stage 3 construction will begin.

FCRM have put out a call for Expressions of Interest for running a bike hire.

Click the map to see a larger version.

Stage 2 has purpose-built cross country trails near Wombats Ramble and the nordic bowl, and a downhill trail near International. Stage 1 is the village aqueduct trail that opened a couple of years ago. As well as an easy family ride, it will provide the trunk connecting the other trails.

There is also talk of an eventual Stage 5 Falls Creek to Mt Beauty trail.

Of course there are already fire trails and aqueduct trails around the high plains for those who enjoy that style of riding.

The moutain bike trails hould bring a fantastic new dimension to summer at Falls Creek

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