02 September 2013

Thinking about Niseko?

We received a note from AAC Niseko. It's almost time to throw bookings open to the general public, so if you are thinking about staying next northern winter, it's time to contact the club.

Dear Members,

The bookings for Niseko Accommodation have taken off and the AAC Lodge is filling.
I now have non AAC members emailing regarding bed availabilities and I think that it is important that I let you know that I am about to open the lodge bookings to the public.
Please let me know if you are thinking of coming as I am happy to put your name on a bed. Should I then have other parties interested in that time, you will be notified and given first preference.
Please feel free to tell you friends about the bed availability and get them to visit our new website http://www.nisekoclub.com.au/.
If they would like any information then email nisekoclub@optusnet.com.au.

Kind regards,

Sarah Gregson
Ph: 0403 236 616

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