29 April 2014

AGM Special Resolution

The Annual General Meeting of AAC Falls Creek will be held
Tuesday 20th May
Royal Brighton Yacht Club
253 St Kilda St, Brighton

You can download the Notice of Meeting and  Nomination & Proxy forms.

As well as election of committee members and the usual items of business, the meeting will consider
consider, and if thought fit, pass the following Special Resolution:
That the proposed New Rules ... on the AAC Falls Creek website (http://aacfallscreek.com/xDocs/rules/proposed-rules.pdf), be adopted.
Reports and further information about the AGM will be provided early next week.

Why change the Rules?

The Victorian government passed the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012. A new set of Model rules have been written by the Department of Consumer Affairs. These can be adopted as is by an association or modified to meet the association’s needs. The proposed new Rules meet the new legislated requirements while preserving important Rules, policies and practices of the club. As part of this process, some areas of uncertainty in the current Rules are clarified. Read more...

The AGM is a great opportunity to hear about progress, contribute to the running of your club and meet with other members. We also hope to conduct a short demonstartion of the booking system for anyone that is interested.

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