26 January 2016

Booking System Improvements

There are some changes to the online booking system. Simple bookings should be quicker and simpler to make.
  • Some changes have been made to make it clearer which buttons to click, often in lime green. Most importantly, the system works best when you use the occupancy grid to select dates for your stay, so this has been highlighted.
  • You can now select beds as well as dates in the occupancy grid by clicking and dragging on the beds. When you click Make a Booking with your Selection, it takes you to the booking page with the beds already highlighted, ready for you fill in details for each member/guest. 

Making a booking online is easy.
Here is a Quick Start Guide for simple bookings
  1. Logon and read the information on the Welcome screen
  2. On the Occupancy and Make Bookings page, check if there are vacancies for the dates you want. 
  3. Click and drag in the grid to "paint" the dates and beds you want.
  4. Click Make a booking with your Selection to go to the Booking page.
  5. Verify your Contact Details, especially email address
  6. In the Booking Details, for each person you are booking for
    a.    Click on one of the chosen (highlighted) bed in the grid
    b.    Type the Guest Name
    c.    Use Select Group to specify which age/gender group they belong to
    d.    In Comments add children’s ages, or any other pertinent information
    e.    Use the Fee Selector to specify the appropriate tariff for that person
  7. If paying by Credit Card, fill in your details and click Charge Card and Save Booking.
  8. If paying by EFT (Direct Deposit), note the EFT details, including the booking reference and, click Save Booking and Pay Later . When contacted by the Booking Officer,  make the payment using your bank’s internet banking website or other facility.
  9. You will soon receive an automated email to say that your booking request has been received by the system. Your booking is not confirmed until payment has been verified and the Booking Officer sends you an email with the door code. This may take some days (or weeks if prior to opening of bookings).
If the system does not want to allow your booking, please check that your request complies with the booking rules. Most booking problems are due to these rules not being strictly met Eg Is it a standard length booking (week, 5 day midweek or weekend)? For a week booking,does it begin on a Sunday?  Does a 5 day booking begin on a Sunday? Is a weekend booking being made no more than 19 days ahead (Mon) for members , or no more than 15 days (Fri) ahead for guests?

Bookings that do not comply with the booking rules will need to be discussed with the booking officer.

For more detailed instructions, see  User Guide for AAC Falls Creek Booking System

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