23 January 2016

Room Conversions

The member survey showed that many respondents put a high priority on remodelling more rooms to be twins or doubles rather than the double plus single bunk configuration. The upgrade to Room 5 (twin) has been very popular. There seems to be an increasing demand for twin rooms, especially for members who are less nimble than they once were. Many couples are also not keen on the overhanging bunks.

The committee will move very carefully in converting rooms. We do not want to lose the great flexibility provided by the double plus single bunk configuration. However, data from the booking system shows us that in the last 2 seasons we could still have accommodated the same bookings with less 3 bed rooms, and made staying at the lodge even better for some guests.

Before the winter, Room 12 will be converted to a twin like Room 5, with under-bed storage bins and a wall unit. Sound insulation and lighting will also be improved.

Planning is also underway to convert another 3 bed room, (most likely Room 2) to just a double. Hopefully this can be done this autumn too.

When you go to book online the third beds in those rooms will be not be visible.

The committee will analyse booking data and consider member feedback before considering any further conversions.

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