31 July 2017

Club Race - Waiver Form

When reviewing the various insurance policies held by the club, the committee was very disappointed to learn that it was not possible to obtain cover for ski racing. The risk of a member seeking to sue the club in connection with a race is tiny, but if it did arise it could be ruinous.

The lift company already requires race participants to sign a liability waiver to protect the company. The club needs adult competitors to also sign a waiver form exluding liability for the club and waiving right to sue. Competitors under 18 will need to have their adult guardian sign their form.

Participants need to decide for themselves (or their child or minor under their guardianship) that the course and conditions on the day are suitable for their skills and abilities. There is no obligation or pressure for members to participate if they are not confident about the course or conditions, regardless of whether they have previously entered or said they intended to race.

You can read/download a copy from aacfallscreek.com/xDocs/Forms/Race_Waiver.pdf

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