19 December 2017

Be part of summer at Falls Creek

If you can't make it to the mountain bike weekend, you can still enjoy summer at the lodge. You can even avoid the $300 summer minimum fee if you choose one of the minimum-fee-free times.

Summer at Falls gets better every year. Gone are the days when nothing was open and tbe place was a ghost town. There is a real buzz in January, Easter and weekends.

The mountain bike trails and shuttles have been the catalyst for this vitality but there's a lot more. Road cyclists love the challenge of the challenging ascents from the valley, or the undulating high plains road way above the lowland heat. The aqueduct and fire trails make great riding for all abilities and appetites for adventure.

There's fishing in Rocky Valley Dam, Pretty Valley Pondage and the streams and aqeducts. Bushwalks may be easy rambles to historic huts, manageable climbs to scenic lookouts or challenging ventures to far flung parts of the high plains.

Trail running has taken off too, with 45km of named trails including s trail running 3 trails in the 7 Peaks Run programme. You might be rubbing shoulders with elite athletes who train at Falls Creek in January.

Bring a canoe or a tinny and explore Rocky Valley - reputedly the highest navigable lake in Australia. Take a picnic to Raspberry Hill or Buckety Plain.

You can hire bikes, fishing gear and tennis rackets.

Local's favourite cafe/bar Be Foodstore is open and buzzing most days and very handy for a social drink or three. Every year we see more food/drink outlets open in summer.

At only $30 per night for members, it's a wonderful summer break (just remember that you need to bring linen/towels & brekkie ingredients and that you need to clean up before departure)

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