31 January 2018

New Booking System is Here

Winter bookings open on 1 February and you can make those bookings using the new online booking system.

The booking system that AAC adopted several years ago was great for checking availability but relatively few members used it to make bookings.

AAC Anton moved to a new booking system for last ski season and their members have been much more enthusiastic about using it. After careful consideration, the committee decided to move to the same system. AAC Perisher has also decided to move to this system and AAC Dinner Plain is considering it.

Members can find the new system at aacfallscreek.cbdweb.net/memberlogin.php. There are links on the website and also on the blog sidebar under stay with us. You use your surname and debenture number to log on. The system can help you to retrieve your debenture number if you don't know it.

Instructions on using the system can be found via the club website. The system is very easy to use, but please make sure to read the guide if you want to book for Victorian winter school holidays.

Members should receive an email with more information about the system. If you don't receive it on 31st January then it probably means that we don't have a valid email address for you. Please contact ProAcct or the Booking Officer if that is the case.

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