30 May 2019

Pre season snow - what's happenning?

The early snow falls are fantastic, but make for some logistical challenges

This weekend Fri 31 May - Sun 2 June

Private traffic in the village will cease from midnight 31 May.

From 8am Saturday 1st June, carparking and village shuttle services will begin operation.  Shuttles will collect from QT, ATS (aka Oversnow) and Gully as well as all internal village bus stops.

If you require transport to the lodge, contact ATS to arrange.

The annual Ice Plunge is on Saurday at 9:30am

The visitor information centre will be open from 10am - 3pm Sat & Sun

Next week

If the snow forecast for Sun/Mon eventuates, the village will go to full oversnow operation. The aim would be ski in/ski out for QBW.

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