06 June 2019

Epic Australia Pass

The Hotham lease issues have been finalised and Hotham is now part of Vail Resorts too. If you have a Hero Pass then you need to decide whether to convert to an Epic Australia Pass. It may be free, or a small fee or even a tiny refund depending on the date that you bought your Hero Pass.

If you convert, you get all the benefits of the Epic Australia Pass but you lose benefits of the Hero Pass. Epic Australia Pass lets you ski at Perisher as well as Falls and Hotham, and at some overseas resorts with some restrictions. Read the fine print and decide which is right for you. Some points to watch out for

  • Hero Passes entitle you to 1 free day ticket and 1 free Learn to Ski ticket for friends. This does not apply under an Epic Pass
  • Epic Australia Pass entitles you to 6 Bring a Mate discount tickets that only apply at Perisher. Discounts vary
  • Seniors over 70 are treated differently by Vail Resorts. For this year, free passes are available under Merlin's conditions (Falls and Hotham only)
You can also choose to upgrade to an Epic Australia Plus pass which has less restrictions on overseas resorts. The Epic Pass is a US dollar pass that will apply to the Northern hemisphere 2019/20 season and our 2020 season. It has the most resorts and least restrictions.

I understand that the deadline to convert is 2 July.

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