06 June 2019

News from the lift co

Lift tickets

  • Maximum walk-up day ticket price is $149. You can save by buying online, ahead of time.
  • July Vic school holidays and Fri-Sun in July and August look to have the highest prices
  • The lowest online ticket price is $97
  • Midweek deal - ski Tue, Wed, Thur for the price of 2 days. Matching deal on resort entry. This will not be available in Vic July school holidays.

Ski School

  • Kids ski school restructure
    • Junior workshop 6-14
    • Adults 15+
    • Ride Tribe 13-17 but must be at least competent intermediate (not early or late season)
  • Adult lessons return to 10am
  • All day adult learn to ski deal (optional) 

Maintenance and improvements

  • Gully has had a makeover and is now capable of 2.3m/sec. It can be slowed and sped up as required
  • Eagle has had changes to improve reliability
  • Bushfire control works have had a side benefit of summer grooming in the maze

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