22 February 2014

Autumn at Falls Creek

Why not visit your lodge in Autumn for adventure or serenity of the Bogong High Plains?

Every year, as part of the Melbourne Food &Wine Festival, there are a number of World's Longest Lunch events. On Friday 14th March Falls Creek will be the venue of a World's Longest Lunch. It promises to be a fantastic event beside Rocky Valley Lake (with a contingency for bad weather) and food will be provided by Barry Iddles of Winterhaven, Elk and Sorrento Catering Company. Details at fallscreek.com.au/LongestLunch

Falls Creek is increasingly popular with athletes: cyclists, rowers, runners, triathletes, even professional footballers. The roads and trails offer altitude training in picturesque surroundings. The lodge makes a great base for a club or group of friends.

And of course the new mountain bike trails offer a great new activity for the fit and adventurous.

See more about "green" season at Falls Creek at fallscreek.com.au/AllSeasonBrochure.

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