22 February 2014

Mountain Bike Trails

The new mountain bike trails are open and reported to be heaps of fun.

Information from fallscreek.com.au/MTB

Wombats Ramble XC Loops

The most visible trails are found amongst the snowgums of the Wombats Ramble area (you may have seen parts of them riding the Falls Express Chairlift last Winter). Able to be ridden as one giant loop, the network consists of two trails - one riding uphill and one riding down. Whilst classified as cross country, there are some great downhill features and corners to navigate at speed.

The trails are intersected by the Aqueduct trail which means you can also ride each as a separate loop - one above the aqueduct and one below. Keep an eye out for some spectacular viewpoints and rocky outcrops along the way.

International DH Trail

We all love skiing and boarding the International Poma area in Winter. This downhill trail now brings just as much fun in Summer! Starting at the Summit Chair top (summit chair will run Ester Sat & Sun), the trail winds down under the Poma line before zig-zagging down Grand Coer ski run and cutting through Short & Curly to the base of the Summit Chair.

Gully XC Trail

This trail connects the popular "Wishing Well" spot to the Gully region by the base of the International Poma and Gully Chairlift. Winding its way down, it is classed cross country but with a downhill aspect.

Download a trail map

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