28 June 2014

Expresso Coffee

The club now has a Nespresso coffee machine for those who prefer an expresso style rather than the drip coffee.

You will need to bring your own pods if you want to use it. They need to be Nespresso brand or a compatible style. Piazza D'Oro is a compatible brand stocked by Foodworks at Falls Creek, although choosy coffee-aholics (like me) will probably prefer Nespresso.

The drip coffee maker is still available and coffee for it is provided by the club.

Please take a moment to read the instructions on the wall above the machine. It works a little differently to many popular machines. In particular, you have to choose the length of shot before putting in the pod.

One of the barriers to getting an expresso machine has been concern about cleaning and care of the machine. This style of machine has been chosen because it needs little care. To minimise cleaning, there is no milk frother. Please look after the machine including emptying the trays and flushing.

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