28 June 2014

Working Bee 2014

Once again the working bee brought a dusting of snow to inspire us in our efforts to get the lodge ready. The lodge even featured on the News that night.

  • The wood stacking chain was a slick well-oiled machine
  • Some new lockers were added
  • Much paint was spread
  • More native plants were planted to out-compete the weeds
  • Kitchen cupboards and contents were cleaned and refilled
  • Kitchen bin drawers were rebuilt
  • Lights were checked
  • Mattresses were turned and a few new ones installed
  • The spa was serviced
  • Stores were stored
  • a myriad of other essential tasks were carried out

  • and of course Myra kept us well fed all weekend

Working Bee is a great way to get to know other club members better, to feel more a part of the club and to make an important contribution to keeping our lodge so good. It is held (almost always) on the first weekend in May.

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